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Become a Best Friend of the gallery
650mAtes lasts forever ∞

The 650mAtes Best Friend Scheme is open to everyone. Join an inclusive support network and participate in a close relationship with all of 650mAh’s activities.

Enjoy these exclusive benefits (not an exhaustive list):
- We promise to honour your friendship with a commemorative and one-of-a-kind 650mAtes friendship bracelet
- Invitations to all of 650mAh’s public and open-to-all events
- Subscription to our public mailing list (also open to Friends, Acquaintances, Associates, Companions, Neighbours and Buddies of the gallery)
- Free membership to our online 650mAtes chatroom to engage and connect with other 650mAtes of the gallery
- Unlimited access to the 650mAh website

650mAtes Friendship Bracelets
As a thank you for becoming a 650mAte Best Friend of the gallery, you will receive a free, one-of-a-kind 650mAtes friendship bracelet.

How to become a 650mAtes Best Friend
To become a 650mAtes Best Friend of the gallery, simply email with your name and address. Your bracelet will then be on its way and is the only proof of friendship.

Click here for your free bracelet!